Web Conferencing for Traveling Professionals

July 16, 2011 at 12:32 am

Working remotely means remote communications: trainings, conversations, interviews, sales meetings, presentations, tech support, and so on.  I was using webex at $49/month until freeconferencing came out with their webinar software.

Benefits of freeconferencing:

  • FREE (really, it’s free, and so is the conference call line you use to dial in – I’ve been using this for a couple years and it works great)
  • simple setup
  • browser based
  • recording, screensharing, chat
  • connect to Skype - For an international traveler who is conscious of international roaming, this is a big one!

I’ve been testing it side by side with webex and there’s no downside, even for a newly released product it’s been great.  If anyone has had any other experiences, please let me know.  Otherwise, highly recommended not just for cost savings on the software, but also on phone call costs for the world traveler.

Web Conferencing for Traveling Professionals