Wowsers is this site old!  I decided to move my brand from Anywhere Entrepreneur, Anywhere Professional, etc all over to where I just launched a new site.  Check it out!   I will be moving all the content from this site to the new one so soon this will no longer be anything but a forward to the new site.  Thanks for stopping by and see you on 


From where do you want to work?


This is the new way of the world!  We are no longer tied to a location. We are free to travel the world…. and earn a living.

This is a deep passion of mine. For over a decade I’ve been researching and experimenting with ways to combine Internet and travel. Trying to find ways to travel the world and be free to keep going, to not have to return home because of running out of money, bills that tied me down, or a job to run back to.

It’s all possible.

Living and Working Anywhere (aka Anywhere Entrepreneur) is about living life now, without barriers, and allowing the Internet to give you wings. It’s a personal experience about living and working anywhere in the world -

NYC, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Spain, Vancouver, El Salvador, Berlin, Seattle, Tokyo, El Salvador, Shanghai, Paris, Belgium 

- and growing!

All while continuing to earn income and creating unforgettable experiences daily.

Share your experience with me.

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