Trip to Tigre

January 10, 2010 at 10:20 pm

On New Year’s eve day, for $1.36 pesos plus the $1.10 subway fee (a total of around US $0.50), I got to take a nice venture with some friends to a town an hour outside of the city, called Tigre.

Feeling like I stepped into another country completely, we came to a quaint town on the river called Tigre.  Forgetting it was a holiday until we took the little wooden boat for 17 pesos all the way down to the closed museum, we then ended up just cruising along on the dirty river.  The boat had several dropoffs only the way, including people’s houses, vacation rentals, museum (or not), restaurants, canoe or kayak rentals, or where we eventually got dropped off, Parque Lyfe – a campgrounds with volleyball, sand beach, sports courts, etc.

There I invented a game called ‘Log’ where the object was to see who could balance longest on the log, in the river.

After a few laughs and some swimming with locals – watching out for viburas (snakes) of course – we then headed back to Tigre, then eventually back to Buenos Aires, via the train then connecting subway, as we watched the endless salesmen come up and down the aisles pitching their latest and greatest books, windsocks, camera cases, and what have you.

A quick stop through Chinatown in Belgrano district before realizing everything was closing and it was time to buy food and champagne or go without and to head home to prepare for the New Year celebration.