Wherever you go, There you are

December 22, 2009 at 9:25 am

One of my roommates met an 80 year old man on the bus.  This man had lived in NYC, BA, and other places in the world.  The man said ‘wherever you go things are the same’ – same buses, same people, same taxis, and so on…

This may sound pessimistic.  But I love hearing what people that have gone before us have to say about life.  Travel has indeed made me realize that everywhere, though the scene may be different with different culture, food, history, etc that which gives a place a heart and soul and make it fascinating, that at the same time – people are good and bad everywhere, people laugh, people cry, people eat, sleep, drink, work, do business, have families, need to get to work, make money to survive, have happy moments, can be sad, greedy, selfless, afraid, bitter, tender

…. are simply human.

Though the differences are what ignite a passion for travel in me, I also realize that it really comes down to being human.  Learning to deal with happiness and pain, working or not working, sadness or trepidation, all are there no matter where you are.  Learning to find happiness and tranquility, your purpose and meaning for life, complimentary and reciprocal relationships, and building a better future for yourself and those that will walk your footsteps when you leave, can happen no matter where you are.

My mom coincidentally gave me the pin that I wear on my backpack that says

“Wherever you go, there you are”  Simple yet profound.  Thanks mom!